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C-MAP Genesis empowers you to create high-definition custom fishing maps and download
free Social Map charts of your favorite waterbodies.
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  • Contours You Can Trust
    Contours You Can Trust

    Ever found a hump, ditch or drop-off not on any map? C-MAP Genesis creates contours you can trust, revealing fish-holding structure other maps miss.

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  • Vegetation Map
    Vegetation Map

    Big fish ambush little fish in submerged vegetation. Genesis Edge maps show the location, shape and depth of grass flats, deep weedlines, isolated patches and more.

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  • Bottom Hardness Map
    Bottom Hardness Map

    Fish love hard bottoms. They feed on 'em, breed on 'em, follow their edges like roads. Genesis Edge maps show the location, shape and depth of hard-bottom areas.

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Find edges, points and inside turns with C-MAP Genesis charts to catch more and bigger fish.


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